ST830068Travel and tourism has an extensive impact on the environment and the communities where tourists visit. That impact is not always understood by businesses involved in the sector, and as a result, tourism businesses do not always know how best to address sustainability issues affecting them.

We can help improve your understanding of your footprint, and help you identify what actions you ought to be considering or taking in relation to behaving more sustainably.

If you are considering your approach to charitable support, we can also help you consider a charitable strategy and how best to implement it into your business.

We can help you prepare policies and processes to address your impacts. We can also help you prepare reports and other material to tell your customers and others about what you are doing in order address your impacts.

There are increasing compliance obligations affecting businesses regarding their environmental footprint in particular. We can help you understand these obligations, and address them.

We can provide training to your staff and management on good practices and obligations in relation to sustainability.

If you need further help and assistance regarding sustainability and CSR issues, please contact us.