SAM_0123Even though there are no clear, consistent requirements on consumer health and safety which apply to the travel industry, every travel business needs to be aware of their duties and obligations to ensure the safety of their customers.

Getting it wrong can result in extensive financial exposure, the very real risk of negative publicity which can be immensely damaging for any consumer facing business, and in the worst case, the possibility of criminal exposure, both for the business itself, and for individual Directors, managers and employees within the business.

Getting it right can often be achieved without massive cost, and often businesses are simply afraid of taking the first steps for fear of complexity and cost.

We can help you, by ensuring that you understand the risks faced by your business, and by helping you put in place appropriate processes and procedures for addressing those risks.

Our extensive knowledge of experts in the topic can help guide you towards those businesses that can help you deal with any issues you have identified.

We can help you implement audit and other processes in your business, and can ensure that your staff are properly trained to understand and address your business risks.

If you need further help on health and safety issues, please contact us.