Sadly, it is a fact that once governments exist, they feel the need both to raise money to support their future existence, and to impose laws and regulations, partly to protect their citizens (or voters) and partly to justify their continued existence.

Many areas of law and regulation affect the travel, tourism and leisure industries, and not just UK laws.

We offer an update service to ensure that you are aware of any proposals, as well as new laws or regulations which may affect your business.

We will also lobby governments, both directly on your behalf, and by responding to consultations and other matters to ensure, that industry views are heard, and that the impacts of new laws and regulations are proportionate, so they cause little or no damage to business, or create additional costs which need to be passed on to customers.

Where there are benefits to your business in meeting or communicating with politicians, civil servants or regulators, or where those bodies demand to see you, we can support you, either by writing to those bodies, or by arranging and attending any meetings.

We can produce specific actions plans and procedures to implement new regulations into your business. In particular, we can help you comply with the ATOL scheme rules, and other regulations produced by the CAA or others.We can also assist you in complying with the rules created by other regulators or trade bodies, like ABTA and IATA. We can provide training to your staff and management on the implementation of regulatory obligations.

If you wish to sign up to our regulatory update service, please contact us.

If you want individual help on any issues with governments or regulators, please contact us.