IMG_0497International tourism, by its nature is very susceptible to natural or man made issues wherever in the world these may arise.

In the past 15 years, the industry has faced crises from the very largest: such as the terror attacks on the USA on 9/11, to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, resulting in extensive airspace closures; to smaller problems, which may have huge impacts on individual travel businesses, like coach crashes, civil disruption in different countries, like Thailand and Egypt; to issues which may simply affect a single business, such as a customer dying in unexpected circumstances.

It is a truism that those businesses that fail to plan for such eventualities plan to fail, and it is equally true that crisis management is simply being prepared with measures to address unforeseen problems – “A planned response to an unplanned event”.

With extensive personal experience  in handling crises of all types and sizes, we can help your business by reviewing your existing processes, and by ensuring that you have in place robust procedures for addressing any issues.

We can ensure that relevant staff are properly trained in the issues which may arise, and can offer training on all aspects of crisis management.

We can provide direct support and assistance to you in the event of any incident affecting your business.

If you need further help on emergency procedures and crisis management, please contact us.