SAM_0362Tourism businesses often have a complicated supply chain, with many different suppliers, agents and connections with whom they deal.

We can help ensure that you have the most appropriate contractual terms in place with the businesses in your supply chain – including preparing  standardised contract documentation where appropriate. We can also advise you on specific contractual issues.

Compliance with existing laws and procedures can also be complex, particularly for businesses which are trading internationally. We can help ensure that you have in place processes and procedures for addressing more complex compliance areas, like:

  • Data protection
  • Competition law
  • Anti bribery and corruption practices
  • Anti Money laundering rules.

Increasingly, businesses are pulling together their policies, practices and standards into more formalised documentation – such as business Codes of Conduct. We can help you produce a Code of Conduct which is relevant and appropriate, and tailored for your business.

We can train relevant staff and management on implementation of policy issues.

If you require further help to address contractual and policy issues, please contact us.