Our business support services can help your business

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Customer Relations and Customer Service

  • Handling individual complaints, or advising you on those complaints
  • Assisting you with complaint handling procedures and processes
  • Handling customer claim litigation
  • Implementing ADR processes for your business – arbitrations, conciliation or mediation
  • Helping you with booking conditions and other contractual documentation
Government and regulatory issues

  • Regulatory advisory service, to keep you informed on matters which may affect your business
  • Helping your business by meeting with governments and regulators on your behalf to address issues of concern
  • Lobbying politicians, to help your business
  • Advising and supporting you on any contacts with governments or regulators
Contracts + policies and processes

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts with your suppliers and other business contracts
  • Ensuring that your business has in place policies and processes to make you compliant with your legal obligations. For example –
    • Data protection policies
    • competition law policy
    • anti bribery processes
  • Preparing business Codes of Conduct and good practice guides
Health and Safety

  • Ensuring you have proper processes to ensure the health and safety of your customers
  • Implementing audit and other safety programmes in your business


  • Training your staff on customer handling issues
  • Training your staff on health and safety issues
  • Training your staff on policy implementation issues
  • Training your staff on incident management processes
  • Training your Directors and staff on best practice in sustainability
Emergency Procedures

  • Helping your business prepare for issues and crises
  • Preparing prcedures, checklists and manuals
  • Training your staff on incident management processes


Tourism Strategy

  • Helping you understand the tourism market better
  • Assisting tourism businesses and destinations in preparing appropriate strategies to maximise tourism arrivals
  • Preparing market reviews and other insights in tourism behaviour
Sustainability and CSR Practices

  • Advising your business on measures which may make it more sustainable
  • Writing policies and processes to address sustainability issues
  • Helping you prepare reports and other outputs on sustainability
  • Helping your business comply with government energy reporting requirements

We can undertake project work, give you simple advice or undertake more detailed activity on your behalf. Contact us to find more information about our Regulatory Update service and our Retained Advisory service